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As international students, it was difficult for us to find the right school, or even to face the whole application process. This is why we decided to create Uprospect, to help every international student that wishes to expand their education to the US to do it in a simple and smooth manner. 

Message to our future students



As the founder and CEO of Uprospect, I had the chance to study abroad two times in the United States.


Since 2017 I have recruited international students from all around the world. Using my own experience, I can understand the needs of students looking to study in the USA.

What makes Upropsect different than traditional recruitment agencies is not just filling an application or meeting student quota with the universities they represent. 

Our primary focus on Uprospect is understanding the needs of our students and helping them with the adaptation to living abroad. In our interview process, we focus on our students' academic and lifestyle needs. In this way, they will find a balance and a smooth adaptation to the new culture.

As an International Student, I hold an MBA from Concordia University Chicago 2015 and an MSc in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tampa 2020.


Our Students

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