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How to adapt to a new culture?

I imagine you have wondered what your life would be like if you lived in another country. If you have had the opportunity to travel to that city and know the surroundings, indeed deciding to move to this place would be easier. But still, it is one thing to go on vacation, and another difference is to live day by day in this city.

Adapting involves change, and not everyone is willing to face it. Some people find it easy, and others take a little more time. Factors such as barriers in language, climate, and the customs of others make your adaptability to a new city favorable or not.

As an international student, this adaptation can be exceptionally favorable if you consider the following aspects.

- Have an open mind to want to learn new things.

- Accept others as they are and respect them. You may not like something, but respect is essential for good coexistence with people from other cultures.

- Practicing the language will open the door to new opportunities.

- Get involved with people from your own country in many cases. They have already gone through that transition of adapting to the new culture.

- Get involved in as many activities as the university or practice sports. Feeling that you are part of a community will help you adapt faster.

Remember, you are not alone; many people have already gone through this. As an international student, I always look for other colleagues who have been through the same situation. That is why, from our experience, we develop strategies for each of our students.

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Raul Mantilla

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